The following photos show our victorious
spring select teams!
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PO Box 403, Menlo Park, CA 94026

Questions? See the FAQ or email

  Q.  Is it too late for my child to play?
   A.  For the fall of 2014,  yes. Come back on May 1 to register for the fall of 2015. 

  Q. When will I find out what teams my kids are on? 
   A. Log in to see your rosters.
 If your child's coach has not contacted you, feel free to email the coach.
        If you have questions about your child's team assignment or practice time, email
 division commissioner.

 Q. What about the game schedule?
   A. Schedules for U6-U12 have been posted. You need to log in to your account to see your player's schedule.
        Note that schedules are always subject to change! We try to inform everyone if changes occur, but it
        never hurts to log in here occasionally to see if anything has been updated.

        U14-U19 schedules will be available later. Games in those divisions start September 6/7.

Q.  I don't know where my child's games will be played. Help!
   A.  Playing fields.

 Q.  My child had to drop out. Will I get a refund? ?
   A.  Our withdrawal process is here. If you submitted a refund request, in writing, before August 1, you will
    receive a Paypal credit or check by December 31. 

Click the soccer ball to register
Click the soccer ball to access your child's record or to register!