The following photos show our victorious spring select teams!
Our mailing address (where to send forms):
PO Box 403, Menlo Park, CA 94026

Questions? See the FAQ or email

  Q.  Is it too late for my child to play?
   A. Not at all. You can  start the registration process by clicking the soccer ball.
       Email the 
registrar with any questions

  Q. When will I hear from you? When will I find out what team my kids are on? (etc)
   A. Rosters will be posted the second week of August. 

  Q. How can I tell if you got my forms? 
   A. Log in to your account to check your status. Click on Parent Page. 
       If status = "registered" and player forms = "forms processed" you are all set!
       You will be hearing from us again at the end of summer.

       We must receive your signed paper forms to register your player! If you have mailed           your forms since May 1, we do have them and will finish processing them soon. We 
      need everything that prints out, including two copies of each player form printed on             separate pieces of paper (recycled is fine), concussion form, and a check payable to
AYSO Region 109. We are no longer accepting PayPal. Financial aid is available.
Click the soccer ball to register
Click the soccer ball to access your child's record or to register!