Las Lomitas

Las Lomitas: BU6

Camino al Lago is about six blocks north of Valparaiso. There is limited parking on Camino al Lago; you can also park in the lot to the west of the school building or on Alameda.

Field arrangement:

- In U6 (aka kinderleague), each team spends the first half of its session practicing on the assigned field (the home team practices on the left field, the away team on the right)

- After the practice, each team divides into 4 mini-teams and plays four mini-games against its opponent, which has also divided into four mini-teams

- Those four mini-games use 2 of the field blocks (in map above).

- A total of four kinder teams can play eight mini-games at Las Lomitas at one time.

The BYE team can scrimmage in the area next to the basketball court.