Boys under12 Tournament

December 7 and 8 in Menlo Park

Welcome! Our annual fall season tournament gives 16 of the area's strongest teams a chance to compete. The winner of this tournament will be invited to compete in the Section tournament on the following weekend, December 14 and 15. All information you need appears on this website. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, contact the BU12 Tournament Director.

Tournament headquarters during the weekend will be at Sacred Heart School's Gavello Field. Team coaches will be given a cell phone contact number.

Special request: if you're a referee and would like to work a game or two, we would love to have you! Sign up here: tournament referees

Questions? Email Referee Admin


The sixteen teams are divided into four groups of four each. Each team plays the other three teams in its group on Saturday. The Saturday games are 40 minutes long, including two 20-minute halves and a 5-minute halftime. Substitutions can occur at half-time and at mid-half breaks, though the clock continues to run throughout the half. For information about a specific team's schedule, see Tournament schedule

Players must arrive at the field at least 20 minutes prior to game start time. Complete field information, including parking, can be found at Tournament fields and suggestions for pit stops (lunch, snacks, coffee) are on this page: Tournament: food and drink

All players must play at least two quarters.

Coaches and teams must remain on one side of the field, spectators on the other. For specific field instructions, see Tournament fields

At the end of the day, each group will have a winner. The four winners will return on Sunday to play two regular-length (60-minute) games. The two winners of the first game will compete in the championship game. The other two teams will play a consolation game. At the end of both second games, which are played simultaneously, all teams will meet at Burgess Park, tournament headquarters, to receive medals and our congratulations.


Tournament scoring is a little different from scoring in the regular season. Every time a team scores, it is given a point, up to a maximum of 3 points per game. A win gives a team 6 points, and a tie 3 points. If one team does not score (a shutout) the winning team receives an extra point. The maximum number of points a team can earn in one game is 10: a win (6 points) plus at least three goals (3 points) plus a shutout (1 point). All teams will finish Saturday with somewhere between 0 and 30 points.

On Sunday, we don't count points. However, Sunday games cannot end in a tie, so if the teams are tied at the end of regulation, we will go to overtime, and if the teams remain tied, kicks from the mark, better known as penalty kicks.


Normally it's cold but clear on tournament weekend. However, if it rains hard enough to close the fields, we will use a special rain day schedule, not the one on this site. If you have any connections with the weather gods, please ask them to hold off the much-needed precipitation until Monday! Players can wear shirts under their jerseys as long as the shirts are the same color as the jerseys or a neutral (gray, beige, white, black) color.

Direct all questions to