Game Cards

Region 109 generates lineup cards for the Fall season matches. These lineup cards will automatically be populated with the names of the team's coaches and players. The players numbers should also be present, but if not, please ask the team's coach to update/correct them by logging into

The lineup card generated by our region is a little different than the current official AYSO lineup card. If you are involved in inter-region play, tournaments, or extra/select seasons please see the official format page for instructions specific to the official format lineup card.

Lineup cards are used to record:

  • player participation in games
  • game scoring and results
  • incidents
The coach of each team is responsible for providing a lineup card to the referee. Typically, the Assistant Referees will take possession of one card each (one has the home team and the other the away team) and track substitutions, goalkeepers,and scoring for the game. At the end of the game, the referee will collect the cards from the assistant referees and with their assistance, consolidate any final information and sign the cards. The referee will then record the results in the league database at and save the original lineup cards in a safe place until the season is over, in case any questions or discrepancies arise.

At the Field

TEAM NAME Ice Crushers (Home)
COACH'S NAME Patrick Romera
ASSISTANT COACH'S NAME David LowellEthan Scholes
Qtrs. Played
 1   2   3   4 
2 Christy Manchester       X    
3 Sarah Elgin |   X      
4 Clara Wycombe         X  
5 Abby Newcastle       X    
6 Kate Brompton   || X      
7 Anna Coventry           X
8 Julie Hampton         X  
9 Natalie Gloucester           X
10 Maria Perth         G  
11 Lauren Pooley           G
12 Vicky Bradford Absent (Sick)     A A A A
13 Catherine Farnham     G G    
*Indicate: G-goalkeeper; C-Captain; A-Alternate Captain
All players on roster must be listed; Indicate reason for absence.
Date 09/05/2009 Time 10:15 am to 11:30 am Field Lyle Fld 1
Halftime Score  1-2 In Favor Of Tidal Waves (blue)
Final Score  3-2  Winning Team Ice Crushers (white)
Referee must sign on reverse side. Losing Team Tidal Waves (blue)
Before the game:
  • Verify that all players on your roster are listed and that each has a unique jersey number
  • Write "sick" or "absent" next to player's name if they are not in attendance.

During the game:
  • Use tally marks to records goals scored by each player. Use one column per half
  • Mark absent players with an "A"
  • Mark the keeper with a "G"
  • Mark eligible substitutes, ie. those not playing at the start of that quarter, with an "X", mark injured players who are unable to play at the start of that quarter with an "I".  In other words, a player injured during a quarter is still marked as playing that quarter. 
  • Write halftime score and who is winning
  • If a player receives a card, or an incident occurs with a spectator or coach, record the details on the reverse side.

Record the halftime score at halftime, and after the game, write down the final score, the winning team, the losing team, and then sign on the reverse noting any issues.

Recording the Results

Before the end of the day, the referee must record the results in On the Referee Page, there will be a GameCard button for the game he or she officiated.

[Accepted] GU12 (1 v 3)(Center) 9/4/2010 10:00 am to 11:15 am Game Card

The game cards for both teams should appear (the example below shows only one). By clicking on "Turn On Edit" the card becomes an input form. You can now transfer the goals scored, substitution, absent, injury and caution/send-off information. Select the appropriate value from the pull down menu in each cell as needed.

Done Update Turn Off Edit
Playing status: [Blank] - playing, G - Goalkeeper, X - not playing, A - Absent, I - Injured

After the game:
  • Click "Turn On Edit" to enable recording
  • Record results by transfering information from the game cards using the pulldown menus in each cell
  • If the game was practice game, select "No" for "Include this game result in the standings"
  • If a card was shown to a player, or an incident occurred with a spectator or coach, you must report the event and circumstances to the regional referee administrator.
  • Click "Turn Off Edit" when both cards have been transferred
  • Save the originals in a safe place until the end of the season in case any questions or discrepancies arise

Advice for Referees

  • During the game, take your time and write neatly.
  • Linesmen should furl their flag and hold it under their arm while recording. When ready, unfurl your flag and stand ready. The referee will not (should not) restart play until he sees his assistants are ready
  • When playing in inclement weather, bring a plastic baggie (like the kind you put fruit and veggies into when shopping) to keep the lineup card dry. You won't even have to take it out of the bag to write on it, just put your pen hand in the bag!
  • Although the coaches are supposed to provide the lineup cards to the referee, the ref should print out and bring a set of cards just in case.
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