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AYSO is an all-volunteer organization that relies on community volunteers and parents to help with jobs big and small. Working together, we ensure that our 1700 players have a successful soccer experience. We ask that parents volunteer for one job for each child that plays. But if you volunteer for one of the more labor-intensive jobs, such as coaching or refereeing, you can register multiple children without volunteering for additional jobs. 

This year, we have more different kinds of jobs than we have had in the past.  So that you can find the job that best meets your schedule and interests, following is a brief description of a few of the tasks that we need filled.

Admin. These board-level jobs include administering the coach and referee programs, tracking our finances, handling fields and equipment, ordering the uniforms, and keeping our region running smoothly. If you are interested in participating at this level (and, as most of our board members will tell you, you can serve on the board and keep your day job too), check the board page for vacancies.

Clinics. During summer, we hold a number of meetings and clinics for our coaches and referees. Helping out requires doing some advance preparation and attending the meeting or clinic.

Commissioner. Division commissioners are responsible for a specific age group, including recruiting coaches and creating teams. These are board-level positions that include attending monthly meetings.

Coach. Coaches and assistant coaches run practices once or twice a week and direct the players at your weekend games.  During the fall season, expect to spend at least 3 hours a week involved in practices and games. We provide complete training to all coaches; see the Coaches section for more information.

Equipment. Tasks include maintaining our storage shed (at Marsh and 101) and moving equipment from the shed to the fields and back again.

FieldWe need volunteers to help us move field equipment, and field crew members to set up/take down goals for their kids' games. Total time commitment for any of these roles is about 3-4 hours per season.

Liner. Our fields are professionally lined, but the lines tend to fade during the season. This job entails coming by the field on a Thursday or Friday evening during your assigned weeks, checking to see how the lines look, and then restriping if needed. Ability to walk a straight line is of key importance.

Photo. Help out on the day when everyone is all smiles. We've added an extra day to the schedule to double your volunteer options. This is a great way to complete your volunteer commitment in just a few hours on a single day. 

Referee. With the best seat in the house, our referees and assistant referees officiate at one game every week, a time commitment of an hour or so. We provide training, support, and a uniform including dazzling shirt and shorts. Check the Referees section for information. 

Registration. Work with the registrar to help get our 1700 players registered. Some of these positions require attending one of the walk-in days.

Support. If your time isn't very flexible, we have a lot of administrative jobs that can be completed via email whenever you have a few spare moments

Trophy. Help order trophies and other end-of-season awards.

Tournament. Each year, our region hosts an end-of-season tournament during the first weekend of December, after the regular season ends. In past years, a couple of people have handled most of the tasks associated with the tournament. To try to share the fun and minimize exhaustion, this year we have divided the tournament tasks into a few dozen separate roles, each requiring an hour or two of time.

Uniforms. Help provide uniforms to our players and referees. Typically requires attending a coach or referee meeting.

If you have any questions about jobs, email the registrar or come to walk-in registration.