Registration FAQs

(mailing address: PO Box 403, Menlo Park 94026)

General Information

·                     How do I register my child?

·                     My child played last year. Why does your system say that s/he's a new player?

·                     Why are parents required to volunteer for job assignments and how many jobs do I need?

·                     What paperwork do I need to bring to walk-in registration?

·                     I don’t live in Menlo Park or Atherton; can I still register my child in Region 109?

·                     When will I be notified of my child’s team assignment?

·                     When does the season begin?

·                     What if my child's school or any other information changes through the year or before the season starts?

·                     How do I withdraw my child if he or she decides not to play?

·                     What if I miss walk-in registration?



·                     How much are registration fees?

·                     Can I pay with a check? Or do I have to pay online?[J1] 

·                     Can I get a scholarship?


Walk-in Registration

·                     When and where is walk-in registration?

·                     Why do you require walk-in registration for new players?

·                     What happens if I am the parent of a new player and am not able to attend  walk-in registration?

·                     I served as a coach, assistant coach, or referee last year; must I come to walk-in registration?


Region 109 Website

·                     What information is on this website?

·                     When can I create or login to my account?

·                     What if I do not have Internet access?

·                     My account is locked and I want to add a player (or change my job)


Team Formation

·                     How are players and teams organized in AYSO?

·                     In what division will my child be playing?

·                     What is the policy for playing up?

·                     Why can't my child play down a division?

·                     How are teams formed?

·                     May I request a particular coach? or request to play with a friend?

·                     May I choose my child’s practice field?

·                     How many times a week will my child practice?



·                     What is Kinderleague?

·                     How do I register for Kinderleague? 


General Information

Q: How do I register my child? [Back to Top]

Again this year: families of returning players need not come to walk-in registration. Instead, log on any time after 12:01 a.m. on May 1 to update your child's information. Write a check payable to AYSO Region 109 or pay via Paypal. 

If your player is new to our region, in addition to registering online, you will need to come to the walk-in registration session at  Hillview Middle School on Saturday, May 12 between 10 am to 1 pm. You must also bring proof of birthdate (birth certificate or passport) for all new players.

In addition to our standard registration process, the national AYSO organization is now asking parents to register directly in their Blue Sombrero database for insurance and liability reasons. More information about registering and help is on that website. 

Q: My child played last year. Why does your system say that s/he's a new player?[Back to Top]

We index your family's records under a single telephone number. That is why we ask you not to create a new account each year. It is easier for all of us if you locate your existing account. When you enter a new phone number for a returning player, the system has no way of finding your child. Therefore, it assumes that your child is a first-time player.  

You can avoid this by using the same phone number as your ID every year. If you forget which number you used, follow the prompts to retrieve your ID and password. Or email

Q: Why are parents required to volunteer for job assignments and how many jobs do I need?  [Back to Top]

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. Every AYSO coach, referee, board member, and other official is a volunteer. In addition to these roles, AYSO needs many other volunteers to help with field set up, equipment, photo day, and other tasks. We ask that each player have a parent or guardian volunteer for one job for each child playing (the jobs of coach, referee, and board member  fulfill your volunteer requirements for all your children due to the greater time commitment involved). 

Do not volunteer for jobs unless you plan to fulfill the responsibilities! Some people sign up for a half-dozen or more jobs and fail to do any of them.The result is that we are shorthanded, sometimes in critical roles. Unlike some other sports leagues, you do not need to select all the jobs for which you might be available. Just choose the one you want! That said, if you want to take multiple jobs, we won't discourage you. Just be aware that when you register for a job, we're expecting you to do the work.

You will not be able to complete the registration process without signing up for a volunteer job. If you register late and cannot find a job that fits your schedule, email

Volunteer job assignments are made online, on a first-come, first-served basis, so you should login and select an assignment early to get the job you want. And then we hope that you will perform your job, or find a substitute if something comes up. Without everyone’s contribution, we are not able to provide a quality soccer experience for your child or to run a successful soccer season.

Q:  What paperwork do I need to bring to walk-in registration?  [Back to Top]

(The following applies to new players only; returning players do not need to come to walk-in registration). After you have successfully entered your information and paid, please bring  the following to walk-in registration:

*   Proof of birthdate (e.g., original or copy of birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, or immunization record) for all children who are playing for the first time in our region (this includes most Kinderleague players and older players who have recently moved to our area)

*  If you did not pay online, a check payable to AYSO REGION 109 (cash not accepted). You can submit one check for all children being registered. Refer to “How much are registration fees?”

Q:  I don’t live in Menlo Park or Atherton; can I still register my child in Region 109? 

[Back to Top]

Yes. One of the six AYSO philosophies is “Open Registration.”  Our program is open to all children between 4.5 and 19 years of age who want to register and play soccer. Interest, enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, and proper completion of the registration process are the only criteria for playing. You need not be a resident of Menlo Park or Atherton to register in our region. However, you can only register in one region, so if you live in one region and your child attends school in another, you must choose where you want your child to play.


Q: When will I be notified of my child’s team assignment?  [Back to Top]

Your child’s coach will contact you once team assignments have been made. Players are usually notified of their team assignments by mid-August, depending on the coaches' schedules. Kinderleague players may be notified later. If you have not heard from a coach by late August, contact the Division Commissioner for your child's division. You will find contact information for your Division Commissioner on our website by referring to the Board Members list. You will also be able to see the team assignment by logging into your account here and pressing the Team button.

Q:  When does the season begin?  [Back to Top]

See the Calendar. Practice for teams in all divisions except Kinderleague will begin sometime during or after mid-August. Each coaching team will decide when its team’s first practice will be held and will notify the players. The season will start with a practice game in early September. Games will be played on Saturdays throughout the season except for our U16 and U19 divisions, which play on Sunday.


  Kinderleague teams do not have mid-week practices but meet once a week on Saturday afternoons for drills and scrimmage games. 


Q: What if my child's school or any other information changed through the year or before the season starts?  [Back to Top]

If your email, mailing address, telephone number, or child’s school or grade level changes after registration, send an email to

Q: How do I withdraw my child if he or she decides not to play?  [Back to Top]

We hope that you and your child select AYSO because you agree with the AYSO philosophy and look forward to a fun and enriching experience together in soccer. We do understand that special circumstances may require a child to withdraw from a team and ask you to remember that this will negatively impact all players on the team. Thus, we urge you to submit any requests for withdrawal by early July, before final teams are formed. If circumstances require you to withdraw after that, we will continue to honor all refund requests made on or before August 1, 2018.

Submit your refund request in writing, specifying the name and age of your child, postmarked no later than August 1 to the Registrar at the following address. 

Menlo Park AYSO

Attn:  Registrar

P.O. BOX 403

Menlo Park, CA 94026

Any refunds not requested will be applied to the Menlo Park AYSO Field Refurbishment Program. Refunds will be mailed before the end of this calendar year.

Q: What if I miss walk-in registration?  [Back to Top]

Only players who have completed registration on or before May 31 will be guaranteed a place on a team and will be entitled to the early registration fee. All other players will be waitlisted and will pay the regular registration fee. You may still register online after May 31, but your child will not be ensured a place on a team. Some divisions may be able to accommodate late registrants, while other divisions will be full as of May 31. So please register on time.



Q: How much are registration fees?  [Back to Top]

Please note that we lowered our fees in 2017 to account for the fact that you must now register separately in Blue Sombrero, the AYSO National database. (We have always paid a per-player fee to National to cover insurance and other benefits, but in 2017 they decided to start collecting it directly). 

The early registration fee is $130 ($80 for Kinderleague players) for registration on or before May 31. After May 31, players are waitlisted and will pay the regular fee of $180 ($130 for Kinderleague). Note that these fees have been adjusted downward to account for the fact that you will also be asked to pay at $17.50 fee to Blue Sombrero when you register there. Note that the total due is $2.50 less than 2016 fees.

                                                                      Registration Fees


                                                                      Kinderleague                                                                                   All Other Divisions


Registration on or before May 31                $80  (97.50 including Blue Sombrero fee)                            $130 (147.50 including Blue Sombrero fee)


          Registration after May 31                  $130 (147.50 including Blue Sombrero fee)                         $180 (197.50 including Blue Sombrero fee)


Q: Can I pay with a check? Or do I have to pay online?  [Back to Top]

We accept online payments via PayPal. You need not have a PayPal account to use your credit or debit card on the PayPal system. If you prefer not to pay online, bring a check to walk-in registration or mail a check. You can pay for all your children with one check.

The Blue Sombrero component of registration requires a credit card. Email if this is an issue for you.

 Q: Can I get a scholarship?  [Back to Top]

Full or partial scholarships in cases of financial hardship are available. Come to walk-in registration at Hillview Middle School to submit your request for a scholarship and obtain approval from the Regional Commissioner.

Walk-in Registration

Q:  When and where is walk-in registration?  [Back to Top]

Walk-in registration is being held on Saturday, May 12  from 10 am to 1 pm, at the Hillview Middle School. Hillview Middle School is located at 1100 Elder Avenue, Menlo Park (corner of Elder Avenue and Santa Cruz Avenue).  If your child is new to our region, you must attend this session (and have signed up online for a volunteer job) to complete the registration process. If you have one or more returning players and a new player, you can register your returning players online but must come to walk-in registration to complete registration for your new player.

Q: Why do you require walk-in registration for new players?  [Back to Top]

Walk-in registration enables us to verify birth dates. We can also answer questions about volunteer jobs to ensure that parents also have a productive and enjoyable season.

Q:  What happens if I am the parent of a new player and am not able to attend the walk-in registration session? [Back to Top]

Ask a friend or relative to bring all necessary documents and payment to the walk-in registration session for you. Make sure that you have signed up for a volunteer job. If your child is not registered at the walk-in registration session, your child will be waitlisted. You will be required to provide proof of age by emailing or mailing the registrar a copy of a birth certificate, passport, or similar document.

Q: Must I come to walk-in registration if I served as a coach, assistant coach, or referee last year?

[Back to Top]

If you coached, assistant coached, or officiated last season and plan to volunteer as a coach, assistant coach, or referee again, you must still complete the online registration process. You do not need to come to walk-in registration.  

Coaches: please refer to

Region 109 Website

Q: What information is on this website?  [Back to Top]

Region 109 maintains informational postings such as game cancellations, field locations, practice field layouts, coach and referee information pages, a regional calendar, and regional guidelines on this website. Parents and guardians must create an account on this website to enter private family and player data, and see the team roster and calendar. 

Q: When can I create or login to my account?

[Back to Top]

For the fall season, you can create or update your Region 109 account starting May 1. You can also sign up for volunteer jobs at this time. These jobs are available online on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to signup early. Your information remains confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of identifying volunteers, building teams, communicating electronically with families about soccer and safety, and managing the divisions. Also, you can maintain your child's school information and your own email address. When you log into your account, you will see all of your information from your last registration. Please be sure to update this information and make any changes necessary to bring your information current. 

Do not create a new account if any of your children have played in our region before!

Q:  What if I do not have Internet access?  [Back to Top]

Use a Hillview  computer at walk-in registration. It's free. Otherwise, try a neighbor or friend, or use an Internet connection at the local public library!

Q: My account is locked and I want to add another player (or change my job) [Back to Top]

Ask the

Team Formation

Q: How are players and teams organized in AYSO?  [Back to Top]

Players are separated by gender and by age. See the age grouping chart below to determine your child's division. For example, GU8 refers to the "girls under 8" division. Players in this division are typically seven-year-old girls in second grade. BU10 ("boys under 10) primarily comprises nine-year-old boys in fourth grade.

A Division Commissioner (DC) oversees each division. The DC is responsible for forming teams and assigning players and coaches to the teams. Parents are always assigned to coach or assistant coach their own children. The DC attempts to balance the teams in terms of skill level and experience, and actively manages the division throughout the season, mentoring coaches, receiving feedback from parents, and facilitating the smooth operation of the division.

There are nine boys' divisions and eight girls' divisions in Region 109. You can find the names of the division commissioners and their email addresses by referring to the Board Members page.

Q:  In what division will my child be playing?  [Back to Top]

The default division for your child is always determined by birth date, as shown in the table below. Because of a change in national youth soccer policy, our older players will be assigned to divisions by birth year. Our younger divisions will continue to use an academic year.  Players under age 8 with fall birthdays have the option to play with their age group or to play up to grade level. Refer to What is the policy for playing up?” to determine whether your child may be placed in the next division up to play with children in the same grade level. 


Age/Grade as of 7/31/18


Under 6 (U6) (Kinderleague)

4.5-5/Pre-K or Kindergarten

August 1, 2012-

January 31, 2014

Under 7 (U7)

6/ first grade

August 1, 2011 -July 31, 2012

Under 8 (U8)

7/second grade

August 1, 2010 -July 31, 2011

Under 9 (9U)

8/third grade

January 1 - July 31, 2010 (players born August 1-December 31 2010 may also play in this division)

Under 10 (10U)

9/third or fourth grade

January 1-December 31 2009

Under 12 (12U)

10 and 11/fourth, fifth, and sixth grades

January 1, 2007-December 31, 2008

Under 14 (14U)

12 and 13/sixth, seventh, and eighth grades

 January 1 , 2005-December 31, 2006

Under 16 (16U)

14 and 15, eighth grade, high school freshman, and sophomore

January 1, 2003-December 31, 2004

Under 19 (19U)

16+/ high school sophomore, junior, and senior

January 1, 2000-December 31, 2002

Note that U16 and U19 are combined for girls.

Q: What is the policy for playing up?  [Back to Top]

The division for your child is always determined by birth date. Refer to In what division will my child be playing?”

Most players will play in their age group. If a child who was born in 2010, 2011, or 2012 has a birthday between 8/1 and 12/31, parents have the option to request “Playing Up” rather than “Playing in Age Group”. This can be helpful for children who are young for their grade and would otherwise be placed on a team with children in a lower grade. Parents have the discretion to make this choice provided they consider the child’s size, motor development, and skill level, as well as maturity. Even if a child is physically more skilled than other players at his or her age level, he or she may not have the maturity to focus and participate effectively in a practice with older children.

Players born between August 1 and December 31, 2010 who might be interested in playing in our spring league must play in 9U)

Q: Why can't my child play down a division?  [Back to Top]

For the wellbeing of all players, children cannot play “down” in a lower age division unless there are significant physical or developmental reasons for doing so. The Regional Commissioner must approve the rare exceptions, and will require a doctor’s letter that explains the reasons for playing down.Email

Q:  How are teams formed?  [Back to Top]

Players are grouped into divisions based on their age (except as noted above in "What is the policy for playing up?"). From there, players are placed onto teams. One of the six Philosophies of AYSO is “Balanced Teams.”  Each year we form new teams as evenly balanced as possible, because it is fairer and more fun when teams of substantially similar ability play. Our computer program distributes players among teams according to experience, age, skill level, and overall ability of the team. In Kinderleague, experience and skill are presumed to be equal for purposes of team formation since it is normally the first year of play. Your child will be on a team with at least one or two other children from his or her school (unless it is a very small school, in which case we will try to include another similarly-situated player on your child’s team), but teammates may be from different classes or even different grades. AYSO provides terrific opportunities for children to make new friends.

Q: May I request a particular coach? or request to play with a friend?  [Back to Top]

Because of all the factors that have to be managed and balanced to create teams for 1600 kids, AYSO cannot honor requests to play with a specific coach or player.  Each team includes players from your child’s school and from different schools, so that children can make new friends from around the region and so that we can minimize the likelihood of dominant teams emerging in an age division. We are counting on you to support your child's AYSO experience regardless of which team he or she is on, consistent with the AYSO philosophy.

Q: May I choose my child’s practice field?  [Back to Top]

Our field space is extremely limited (a situation which is only becoming more challenging), and fields are assigned by age to ensure that all teams have enough room to practice. Within those parameters, coaches select the fields and practice times to best synchronize with their own schedules and work commitments. If you are coaching, you will be able to specify your practice field preferences.

Q: How many times a week will my child practice?  [Back to Top]

Kinderleague (U6)holds a combined practice/scrimmage session on Saturday. U7 teams practice once a week. U8 teams practice once or twice a week. Most teams U8+ practice twice a week. Practices are approximately one hour long.



Q: What is Kinderleague?  [Back to Top]

Kinderleague is another name for the Under 6 (U6) divisions. Boys and girls play in separate divisions (BU6 and GU6) on single-sex teams. Players are typically between 4 and 1/2 years old and 6 years old and are most likely attending pre-kindergarten/preschool or kindergarten during the fall season. In Kinderleague, children learn basic skills and play 3-on-3 games in an informal, no-pressure, fun-focused setting. Each player must be accompanied by a parent or other adult who will assist with drills as required. Parents will also be recruited to coach.

Kinderleague teams meet once a week on Saturday afternoons for one hour. Typically a team works on drills for the first half hour and then scrimmages with another team for the second half hour. No additional games or practices are scheduled during the week for Kinderleague teams. Teams usually have 14 players and break into four squads of 3 players each for scrimmages.Players receive a uniform and socks; parents must provide shinguards and appropriate shoes. Soccer cleats are not required.

The Kinderleague divisions play an eight-week season that begins in September and ends in October. See our Calendar for dates. At the end of the season, each player receives a trophy. The registration fee includes the cost of the uniform, trophy, individual picture, and a team photograph.

Q: How do I register for Kinderleague?         [Back to Top]

If your player is new to kinderleague, register and pay online, and bring a copy of your child's birth certificate, passport, immunization record, or other valid proof of birth date to walk-in registration. If your child is playing for a second year in kinderleague, you need not come to walk-in registration. Refer to “What paperwork is required to complete registration?