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Blue Sombrero

Register at the following website: (click on the "Register Now" button in the upper-right corner)


I'm a little confused by the registration process. What should I do?

Read the step-by-step directions here:

What if I run into problems?


Why am I being asked to register twice?

National AYSO is transitioning to a new membership system and we must transition with it. You will only need to register your child once in this new system, and in future years will be able to quickly renew the registration.

Can I just register in the region's system and ignore Blue Sombrero?

Not really. We're required to have all players register in Blue Sombrero for insurance and liability reasons.

Did your fees go up?

No.  Below are the 2016 and 2017 fees.

2016:  Last year, our early registration fees were $100 for Kinderleague players and $150 for older players. For players registering after May, the fees were $150 and $200 respectively. We paid the national organization $17.50 per player from those funds.

2017:  Because the national organization wants to collect the $17.50 directly from parents in 2017, we lowered our fees accordingly. This year, parents paid $80 to register Kinderleague players and $130 for older players; anyone registering after May will pay $130 for Kinderleague players and $180 for older players. The total per player cost is $2.50 less than it was last year.

I cannot afford $17.50 and need financial aid.


I want to change my volunteer job

For that and any other registration questions related to our league, email