Soccer Injuries

If you child is injured during a game…
  • Do not run onto the field
  • Referee will stop play and ask the coach to come onto the field
  • Coach will assess and determine if player can leave the field
  • Do provide support to your player once she or he is off the field

What next?
  • Coach will designate assistant coach or parent (i.e., you) to provide first aid
  • Coaches carry a First Aid Kit and ice in his or her coaching bag
  • Do ask other parents to assist (some may be experts in first aid)
  • Do stay with your child

If the injury does not get better quickly
  • Most injuries are minor: scrapes, abrasions and minor contusions
  • Sometimes sprains can be quite painful
  • If pain, swelling or other signs do not improve, please have your child be seen by a health care professional
  • If she or he is seen by a health care professional, ask when she or he can return to practice or game

What parents can do
  • Ask your coach for the AYSO Incident Report Form, complete the form with the help of the coach and any witnesses
  • Please send the completed Incident Report Form to either your coach or to the Safety Director (
  • If your child is seen by a health care professional, please complete the Participation Release Form and bring to the next practice
    or game that he or she will participate
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the  Safety Director (

What about soccer insurance?
  • All players are covered by the Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI)
  • SAI helps pay the cost of health care not covered by the primary insurance 
  • Claim forms with instructions are located at the top of the AYSO page covering Insurance Forms (click link below)
  • Please submit the Soccer Accident Insurance Claim Form within 90 days of the injury
  • Please contact your coach or the Safety Director if you have any questions