The Player Application for 2018 Fall Extra is now open.

Tryout dates: (boys and girls of the same age level are simultaneous)
  • Saturday, June 2, from 1:00-5:15pm at Hillview
    • 14U: 1:00-2:30
    • 12U: 2:30-4:00
    • 10U: 4:00-5:15
  • Tuesday, June 5 from 4:30-7:30pm at Lyle
    • 10U: 4:30-5:30
    • 12U: 5:30-6:30
    • 14U: 6:30-7:30

Players are required to attend at least one tryout date, and are strongly encouraged to attend both.

Email with any questions.


Extra is a National AYSO program, and is designed to provide a more challenging level of play for those players who possess the appropriate interest, skills and abilities, and to enhance each player's experience and individual growth through the game of soccer while retaining the spirit and organization of AYSO. More details about the National program can be found here and here.

In Region 109, we run a Concurrent Extra program in the fall. This means that players are rostered on both an Extra team and a Recreational team. We take this approach for two reasons: First, we simply don’t have the player pool or volunteer resources to run separate fall programs. Second, keeping Extra players and coaches in our Recreational league raises the level of play and increases the player development opportunities for all players in our Region.


The setup and scheduling of each Extra team is determined by the coaches, in coordination with their players and families. It could be as minimal as practicing and/or scrimmaging once per week. It could include a few weekend tournaments during the summer and fall. Teams may also participate in the local Extra league (BAFSL), with regular matches every Sunday. The decision of how often to practice and play matches is left to our coaches to decide.

The Extra program is designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs and interests of our coaches, players and families. The Extra program should not burden our participants, but rather be a fun experience that builds on our Spring Select program and provides some level of continuity throughout the year.

Because the setup of our Extra teams can vary from division to division, the time commitment required for a given team is indeterminate. We encourage interested players and parents to sign up and attend a tryout, meet your potential coach, and get a sense of their vision and anticipated schedule for the fall Extra season.


Players must meet all eligibility requirements. Players must be registered for the fall season and participate fully on a Recreational team. Full participation means that a player must play in at least 70% of their Recreational games, and attend at least 50% of their Recreational practices.

With the switch to calendar-year teams, eligible players are those born during the years 2005-2010 (14U-9U). “Play-ups” may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, and any such players will be required to play up on both their Extra and Recreational teams.


Players will be evaluated at Extra tryouts by both the Extra coaches and neutral observers. Once evaluations are completed, teams are formed and hopefully announced before the end of the school year. Based on participation levels during past seasons, we anticipate forming one team per gender at each age group (14U, 12U, and 10U) where we have identified coaches. Additional divisions, and possibly single-year teams (including 13U, 11U and 9U), will depend on volunteer and player interest.


The financial commitment for players on an Extra team will depend on their schedule. The Region charges $40 for uniform rental – any costs beyond that are determined at the team level. Registration for BAFSL will run $10-15 per player, while tournaments are typically $30-40 per player. Region 109 is committed to making Extra soccer accessible to all players; need-based financial assistance is available.