Training Session Plans and Sample Skills

The first resource for training session plans and age appropriate skill development is your AYSO Coach Manual for your age group. Each manual addresses the skills appropriate for your age group and discusses how to teach the correct technique. They manuals also contain a number activities and example training plans. Starting in 2013 with the U8, U10 and U12 manuals and 2017 for the U6, Intermediate and Advanced manuals, they contain pages of "ready to serve" training session plans (earlier editions of the manuals just had a collection of drills but those are helpful too).

You can also find examples on the web but we recommend you take care to make sure they are age appropriate. If the video demo shows college players, it might not be the appropriate level to try with your U8 players!

The following video links are straight from your Coach Manual.

 Introduced at
 Skills Activities
  •  Goalkeeping - Distribution - Punting
  • Midfield Passing and Receiving
  • etc, etc all the way up to 99

The Objectives of the Game and Principles of Play

 Attacking Objectives
 Defending Objectives
 Score Maintain  Possession
 Advance the Ball
Introduced at U6 U8 U10
 Prevent Scoring
 Regain Possession
 Delay Opponents
Introduced at U6 U8 U10
 Based on a Player's Relative Position to:
 The Ball
 Teammates Opponents Location on the Field
 Time in the Game

 Attacking Principle
 Defending Principle
 Introduced at:
 Pressure (Delay)
 Support Cover U8
 Mobility Balance U8
 Width Compactness U10
 Creativity Control and Restraint

Other resources: