Injury Management

Injury Response

  1. First, check to make sure that the player is all right…
  2. Provide first aid within your ability (N.B. Use First Aid Kit in coach’s bag)
  3. Parents may have first aid expertise (it may be a good idea to know which parents have this expertise ahead of time)
  4. If player requires further aid, call 911 or 325-4424 (Menlo Park Police / Fire)
  5. If the player is taken off the field, assign an adult to monitor the child
  6. If player is all right and has recovered from the injury… the coach can make the decision to insert the player back into the game at the next break

Incident Report Form

Use whenever there is a personal injury, damaged property, or threats of or actual physical violence surrounding an AYSO game, practice, event or property
  1. Affected party (i.e., player) and/or Safety Director can prepare the Incident Report Form (this link will download the form to your computer).
  2. Route completed form to Safety Director (650-766-7038, ; the form will be routed to the Regional Commissioner

Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI)

  1. AYSO has a secondary insurance policy
  2. If a player requires medical care and the expenses are not completely covered by his/her primary health insurance or the player does not have any health insurance, then player (family) can file a SAI claim
  3. Please refer to the SAI Brochure for more information
  4. Please have player (family) complete the SAI Claim Form and refer to Safety Director
  5. Signatures of Safety Director and Regional Commissioner are needed
  6. Families needs to know the following:
  • $200 deductible,
  • Social Security Number is required on the form
  • Claim should be filed within 90 days of the injury

If an injury is significant, the parents must complete a Participation Release Form before the player can rejoin the team for practices and games