Tournament fields

Seating arrangements

We ask that coaches/teams stay on the one side of the field, spectators on the other side, as follows:

  • Hillview School: teams and coaches on the Elder side of the field; spectators on the school side
  • Lyle: teams and coaches on the wooded (north) side of the field; spectators next to playground/building 
  • Burgess: teams and coaches on the side closest to the gym/rec center; spectators on the open field side adjacent to the baseball diamond
  • Encinal: teams and coaches on the east side; spectators opposite

The referees will be enforcing this arrangement. 

Getting around town

We will be using four fields on Saturday: Willow OaksHillview SchoolBurgess Park, and Lyle Park.

Street addresses:

700 Alma St

Burgess- 700 Alma, Menlo Park

1100 Elder Ave

Hillview - 1100 Elder, Menlo Park

1050 Middle Ave

Lyle Park – 1050 Middle Ave, Menlo Park

Encinal Elementary School

Encinal School - 195 Encinal Ave, Atheron

On Sunday, we will only use Lyle and Burgess Parks.

In addition, here's some information that online maps may not show you.

  • There is parking all around the perimeter of Burgess. We only have one field there, so if you see people playing soccer, you've found the right place.
  • There is a small lot at Lyle Park, but ample on-street parking.
  • Parking for Hillview can be accessed via a driveway on Elder. If you use Google maps to get a look at the field, note that the closeup view shows the old school,with the field in back. The 10,000 foot perspective shows the new school, with the field in front. 

 Need coffee? Try old favorite Cafe Borrone (next to Kepler's bookstore), new favorite Coffeebar,  Starbucks and more StarbucksPeets, and, if you're at Willow Oaks,Cafe Zoe. Downtown Palo Alto and Menlo Park also have restaurants and stores. Ask a tournament volunteer or Menlo Park parent for suggestions and directions.