Tournament Coach Information

Make sure we have the cell phone number of at least one coach who will be present at the tournament! We prefer that you email it in advance to the Tournament Director 
We will provide each coach with a number to call during the tournament.

Check in at the Burgess tournament headquarters table located in the southwest (Burgess Drive/Alma) corner of the park near the basketball court at least a half hour before your first game.You do not need to bring your team. They can go directly to their first game. 

The schedule has been posted on this website and will be updated on Saturday afternoon to show results.' Be sure to bookmark the website to stay up-to-date on schedule and field assignments.

You need to bring:

  • Three completed game cards.  They will be checked against the tournament roster submitted by your RC/DC and cards will be stamped when you check in. The players on your game cards must match your rosters.  A stamped game card must be presented to the referee at start of each game prior to player inspection.
  • Player registration forms with parent’s signature for all players with complete information.  If you do not have your forms from the fall, print out new ones from your registration system and ask parents to sign them.    

When you check in, we will give you your tournament pins.

The rules (highlights)

  • All players taking the field for a match must be listed on the official team roster authorized by the Regional Commissioner.Offending teams shall forfeit any match in which ineligible players participate.
  • Your team will play three round robin games on Saturday.Each game will include two 20-minute halves with quarter substitution breaks and a five-minute halftime. The winner from each group will return on Sunday for the finals. 
  • Eligible players must play no less than half each match except for players arriving late or injured per National Rules and Regulations.
  • In first round play on Saturday, substitutions will be allowed at the midpoint of each half, i.e. every ten minutes, and at halftime, unless there is an injury at which point a substitution will be allowed at the discretion of the referee. For Saturday games, the time (20 minutes) for each half must be not be extended for non-injury substitutions: the clock must run during substitutions, and substitutions should not take more than 1 to 2 minutes.The mid-half breaks are intended as substitution breaks, not coaching opportunities, and unless players are being substituted out, they should remain on the field. 
  • During Sunday playoffs, substitutions will be allowed at the quarter breaks and at halftime.
  • Goalkeeper may remain in that position during the entire game.
  • For more information, refer to the Area Rules

And just in case you were wondering...

  • Our region will provide emergency balls, pinnies, and first aid. Check with the tournament helper at your field.
  • If your team has the first or last game of the day, we encourage your parents to help us set up and break down the goals.   Please help us keep our parks and schools clean by removing all snack materials and bottles.